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Calm Waters

"Life begins at the end of your comfort zone" 

The Compassionate Coach

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Mikki is a coach twice over: once by extensive training and once by nature. Truth be told, she’s been doing it even before she discovered coaching was a thing! She has a deep fondness for coaching parents in order to help their children succeed while enhancing their family life and, yes, made more enjoyable and fun. Mikki brings both science (she’s a Doctor of Behavioral Health Candidate) and a lifetime of hands-on experience to the discussion.

She has lived in eight countries and raised her children in four of them, traveling extensively, learning about people, food, and cultures along the way. As a former Registered Nurse, Montessori and preschool assistant teacher, and parent of two amazing young men, Mikki has a stunning breadth of applied knowledge. This informs her ability to understand adolescents, what their behavior is actively communicating, and how to keep the lines of communication healthy and open well into adulthood!

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Insight Coaching

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Parent Coaching

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What clients say:

Wooden Posts

Stephanie W. - Oklahoma

Michaela (Mikki) has saved my sanity many times with her ability to swim through chaos and find organized solutions.

Fishing Boat

Elizabeth L. -Ontario, Canada

She's professional with a refreshing calming nature.

Walk on the Beach

Rebecca E. -2021

I have already recommended Michaela’s (Mikki's) services to several people in my life and would to anyone in need of a change.

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